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The 1920’s in America is often considered as “The Roaring Twenties. World War I was over, women got suffrage, fashion changed immensely, prohibition was put into place, and jazz filled the air. The Roaring ‘20s was a decade of play and prosperity. Unemployment was low and Americans were better off financially. After World War I, America wanted to return to normal. But prices were skyrocketing and wages were low. Strikes for higher wages were taking place in America. The “Red-scare” was the idea that immigration was bringing communists into the country. President Warren G. Harding’s campaign of “a return to normalcy” was enough to calm the american people. Harding had an isolationist policy, not wanting to deal with outside affairs. Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover followed in these footsteps. Construction of the Empire State Building Began, while Americans on the streets, started to learn how to drive. By the end of the decade, more than 23 million cars were registered in the US. Electrical conveniences started to be found in more American homes. Vacuum cleaners and washing machines became more common in america, and chain stores like Sears and JC penney started selling ready made clothes and conveniences. The Airplane was gaining popularity sending mail from coast to coast. When Charles Lindbergh flew his airplane from continent to continent, the airplane was then…show more content…
In 1921 the Number of new immigrants shot up to 805,000. Congress started to limit immigration. The Ku Klux Klan started to rise again searching for “Native, White, Protestant, supremacy.” Over time and after a few mishaps by leaders, the KKK’s membership decreased to 50,000. Darwinism was starting become more prevalent. Teaching the study of evolution was outlawed in some states. Along with evolution, alcohol was was also banned in all of America. Speakeasies and bootlegging became popular, and after 13 years, prohibition was

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