The Robber Bridegroom Analysis

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Analysis of The Robber Bridegroom The Robber Bridegroom is a fairy tale that was collected by Brothers Grimm. It is a story about a Miller who wanted to marry off her daughter, and betrothed her daughter to a certain suitor. There reached a time whereby the suitor wanted the girl to visit him and he was to leave a trail of ashes for her to follow until she reaches him in the forest where he lives. As the daughter was following the trails, she also left trails of peas and lentils she had carried in her pockets until she was led in a dark house in the forest. She was warned of her death while she was entering the cave by a bird which sang “Turn back, turn back, young maiden fair, Linger not in this murderers’ lair. ” She continued her way in but, she was saved by an old woman who dragged the group of men who were to kill her. At her wedding day, she was asked to tell a story and she told exactly what happened on the day she visited her groom in the forest. In the process, she produced the finger…show more content…
This is evident because, in the story, we are told that, the father decides to marry off her daughter and when he decides that the groom and his friends are to be put to death after the girl’s narration of her ordeal when she visited the forest. The author writes the man’s words, “I will give her to the first suitable man who comes and asks for her hand.” On the other hand, it is evident that the mother here is a homemaker because, she is given no role in the story as she is never mentioned anywhere in the story. In addition, there are two female characters in the story who are challenging the man’s soul authority figure whereby they want equality in the community. The man in this story is the sole authority and he is ready to give his daughter away to a murderer just because he sees him as a wealthy man who is good for her
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