The Rocket Character Analysis

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Ray Bradbury’s 1950 dystopian novel, The Rocket is a short science fiction classic based on a man who fantasizes of travelling to space. This futuristic tale communicates, how anyone is authorized to travel to space without any prior experience and preparation on how to operate and navigate a rocket. The story of the The Rocket, is based during a more advanced time in the future as anyone at that time is able to fly to space as long as they have money to support their trip, the protagonist is a father, named Fiorello who wants to bring his family to space, but to do that he must save a lot of money as the trips are far too expensive, nobody believes that he will be able to accomplish this task and even when people are that it’s impossible…show more content…
Fiorello believed that he could get to space by saving all his money and after six years, Fiorello accomplished his goal. To explain my point, you can see that when everybody is telling Fiorello that he cannot do it, or that this task is impossible, he still has the perseverance to keep going and finally accomplish his goal. A quote from The Rocket, which illustrates my point is when Fiorello says, ““Old man, I’ve saved three thousand dollars. It took me six years to save it. For my business, to invest in machinery. But every night for a month now I’ve been awake. I hear the rockets. I think. And tonight, I’ve made up my mind. One of us will fly to Mars!” (p. 1). To explain this quote, Fiorello basically proves Bramante wrong, when Bramante is talking of how there is no earthly way that he is able to go to space, and then he talks of how he has saved up enough money already, and it’s guaranteed that one of his family is going to Mars. “Maria looked at her husband. “What have you done?” she said. “Taken our money for this? It will never fly.” … “It will fly,” he said, looking at it” (p. 6). As you can see in this quote, Maria, his wife does not believe in him at all, and even when she doesn’t he still goes to Mars against everything. Therefore, this theme of belief is significant in The Rocket. In conclusion, in Ray Bradbury’s 1950 dystopian novel, The Rocket, there are two main themes. imagination, and belief in yourself. The Rocket, is of a father who wants to bring his family to space but everyone thinks that it is an impossible task to accomplish. This novel communicates on how those two themes are important for the story. This essay explained these quotes through quotes and explanations of them. And you can clearly see the placement of the themes throughout the
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