The Rocking Horse Winner Analysis

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The story “The Rocking-Horse Winner” is written by the English novelist D. H. Lawrence.
The book was published on July 1926, then made into a full-length movie directed by Anthony Pelissier on 1949.
The story is about an English who lived with a very small income coming from the mother and her luckless husband. Their children, a son named Paul and two other sisters thought that their house was haunted by the anxiety of their own family and even heard the house whispering “There must be more money.”. The son, Paul, tried his luck and started betting on horses in the derby.He found out that he was lucky when he started winning in the bets making over a thousand pounds each race. He told his secret to his Uncle Oscar and the family gardener, Bassett. The three of them partnered up and won a lot of races. After a few loses, Paul realized that when he rocking the rocking-horse was his source of luck and died after he won the last derby.
There are a lot of themes that can be featured in the short story,”The Rocking-Horse Winner”, but I would like to focus on the greediness of people. In the story, Paul’s mother tirelessly tried to look for ways to earn money, but failed after every try. With the house now filled with anxiety, the children thought the house was haunted and started hearing the house whispering “There must be more money! There must be more money!” Paul then confronted his mother why they are poor members of the family. His mother then told him that luck was the
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