The Rocking Horse Winner Themes

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Comparing Themes on The Rocking Horse Winner and The Horse Dealer’s Daughter by D. H. Lawrence.

The Industrialization gained popularity around the European countries around 19th century. This has lead in the decline in the aristocracy families. Society had been divided into three parts such as the upper class, the middle class and the working class. The Industrialized and aristocracy people were the upper class people and the middle were the civil servants. The working class people were those who worked in the industries and were alienated by the upper class people. However many aristocracy people lost popularity due to the rapid increase in industrialization. With Industrialization, Aristocracy families began to decline leading in External
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Lawrence in the Rocking Horse winner says “The father was expensive in his taste and the mother was just as expensive.” They being an aristocrat family in the society, status were given more important than their children and though being in sense of shortage of money they had had to always keep their status up in the society. The mother would try to think for alternatives to make money but was not successful and the unspoken phrase “There must be more money! There must be more money” (The Rocking Horse Winner) would be heard. The phrase was not coming from the house but from the mind of the mother who thinks her family of being under the shortage of money and whose desire for money did not fulfilled easily. Since the mother had a desire for money she would hear the sound because her desire for money was unable to be fulfilled by her husband so she calls him to be a very “unlucky” person. In the Horse Dealer’s Daughter Mabel had no money so, her relatives never considered her as an aristocratic family but instead they treated her like a working class people who works for wage under them. She is being treated badly like a labor being exploited in the factories. In the story “Joe said, you’ll have to make up your mind; or else find yourself lodging on the Kerbstone” (The Horse Dealer’s Daughter). This sentence shows that Mabel had to work unwillingly or else she would be fired from the work. Fearing that she works according to what the relatives says like a labor working under the masters command inorder to save their job. She always remained silent like a labor and Lawrence says “She sat on Immutable”. The lady remained
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