The Rocking Horse Winner Essay

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An analysis of D.H Lawrence 's Rocking Horse Winner In D.H Lawrence 's story “The Rocking Horse Winner” there is many things that happen to young paul. There was three main messages in the story those where, whether you are your money. The next message was that your parents can affect you physiologically ways that you are not aware of. The last message that is one that was the most important for the story was that if luck is real or not? In these three messages are found why paul works so hard to please his mother and why it drives him to a tragic ending. In the story it starts out with paul 's mother and she was raised with large amounts of money and she still wants to keep that status with the people. She did all she could to keep the status and cover up the faults she saw in herself. In the second paragraph it says “ although they lived in style, they felt always an anxiety in the house. There was never enough money. The mother and father had a small income, but not…show more content…
The second message is very well seen with paul and his mother because of what she tells him about luck. You can clearly see that parents can psychologically affect their kids without knowing. This happens when paul asks his mother why they don’t keep a car and she replies with “ Well I suppose it’s because your father has no luck” and then paul asks what luck is she said “ It’s what causes you to have money. If you’re luck you have money . That’s why it’s better to be born lucky than rich. If you’re rich you may lose your money. But of you are lucky, you will always get more money.” When paul 's mother says this he is so focused on being lucky because he wants his mother 's attention. Paul 's mother physiologically affected him when she did not pay attention to him and just wanted money. She also psychologically affected him when she said that his father was unlucky and that 's why they had no money because it caused paul to want to be lucky just to get his mother 's attention to make
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