The Rohingya Crisis

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The Muslim’s crisis in Burma Historical background on Burma Burma s a sovereign state in Southeast Asia, and officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It was colonized by the British empire till 1948 when it gained its independence. Burma’s population is around 51 million with 4% of it Muslims, which means that Muslims in Burma are 1.33 million. Sunni Muslims is Burma are called the Rohingya, they are and Indo- Aryan people from Rakhine state and lives in the northern part of Burma, “the etymological root of the word is disputed, the most widely accepted origin is that Rohang is a derivation of the word Arakan in the Rohingya dialect and the ga or gya means from”. The Rohingya are considered to be the third of the Rakhine…show more content…
For the Rohingya, they try to fled to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, to save their lives and their families and escape from the massacre happening against them in Burma. The Rohingya crisis has started since the 1970s and till now this issue has not been solved. In 2005, the government has started engaging in a violence and mass killing against the Rohingya, and the main reason for the crisis happening now in Burma is the tension between the Buddhists (the majority in Burma) and the Muslims (minority). In different countries in the world, there are tensions between different groups. However, the tensions never reach what in going on in…show more content…
It is estimated that Bangladesh is having an average of 32,000 registered refugees and more than 200,000 unregistered (according to UN High Commissioner for Refugees). Moreover, in Malaysia there are more than 137,000 refugees including Rohingya. The violence events are not just affecting the Rohingya; however, they are also affecting the other Burmese citizens. Indonesia had recently made some immigration restrictions to in order to increase the number of Burmese immigrants, as during the last events Indonesia had more than 2000 Rohingya refugees. For Malaysia, the Rohingya refugees take a boat to Bangladesh and then move on foot to Malaysia. Rohingya people prefer to suffer through their fleeing process, instead of staying at Burma and face discrimination by the Burmese

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