The Rohingyas As Refugees In Bangladesh

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Rohingyas are the one of the most minor Muslim group of people of 1.1 million people who lives in the Western part of Myanmar, the country of Buddhism. These people have been living in this country for centuries. However, they were not given the citizenship of the country. Rohingyas were always been neglected by the country but it became serious in the year 2012 after an incidence of a confliction between Muslim militants and Myanmar police. Since then the situation gets worse and worse and it ended up with inhuman acts like killing or Rape Rohingyas brutally till now. Though Rohingyas took shelter in Bangladesh as Refugee, the permanent solution of them needs few steps which can provide a secure future of the Rohingyas and ensure peace.…show more content…
According to article, ‘The operation has resulted in the death of more than 100 people, hundreds detained, and more than 150,000 people believed to have been displaced amid reports of rape, torture, and destruction of more than 1,500 homes’. Rohingyas are now deprived from all kind of human rights even the right of being alive. The primary solution was to give them shelter and Bangladesh took the step to legalize their entrance in Bangladesh as refugee and letting them stay for months. However, for long term solutions, the first step can be taken by Myanmar government is minimizing the power of military. Myanmar military is giver almost all the power including the home, defence and the border affairs. That’s how Myanmar Military dared to kill and do inhuman violence to Rohingyas. The Myanmar Military can also take the responsibility to provide the basic rights to Rohingyas that they can start living in Myanmar again. On the other hand, the security of Rohingyas is the main concern. So, Myanmar Military can ensure their security by making laws against the violence on Rohingyas. So, Myanmar military can play a vital role to solve the problem of…show more content…
The violence occurred because of the racism of the Myanmar government. The Government denied providing the citizenship to the Rohingyas because of their religion and their minority, although they and their ancestors were living in Myanmar for centuries.They have the legal rights to be the citizen in Burma. It is cited in the article that,‘according to the 1982 citizenship law, there are three categories of citizenship: full citizen, associate citizen, and naturalized citizen. Full citizens are descendants of residents who lived in Burma prior to 1823 or were born to parents who were both citizens. Associate citizens are those who acquired citizenship through the 1948 Union Citizenship Act. Naturalized citizens are people who lived in Burma before January 4, 1948 and applied for citizenship after 1982’. So, the Rohingyas who born before that time are officially has right to be the citizen.If the Myanmar government exonerates the Rohingyas with the citizenship with all the rights, this Rohingyas can be a bright future of

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