The Role And Role Of Women Empowerment In India

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The term ‘women empowerment’ has become popular after 1980s. It refers to the process of strengthening women who have been suffering from various inequalities and gender discrimination. It refers to the process of providing power to woman to become independent and assume power to control her own life and to determine her own conditions. It also refers to the process of providing equal rights, opportunities, responsibilities and power positions to women so that they able to play a role at par with men in society. In this modern era, women need to gain the same amount of power that men have. There is inequality and vulnerability of women in all spheres of life; they need empowerment in every step of life. In India, women are still facing different obstacles in male-dominated cultures. The things are related to women’s status and their future. A report published in The Time of India on 11.11.14, Vice Chancellor of AMU turned down demand of Women’s college students to access University’s library, thanks to internet that they have alternate source to acquire knowledge. However, Indian women are slowly getting empowerment in the educational, political and financial front; there is an urgent need to work at the grass root level to empower them especially in rural areas. Once Mahatma Gandhi said that the status of the women will not change merely by bringing legislations; it must be supported by change in the women’s social circumstances and situations and also men’s sexiest

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