The Role And Roles Of The Mass Media

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7. The Role of the Mass Media-The mass media deserve to be called the fourth branch of power because of their influence on public opinion and public consciousness. The media in any society have at least two roles: as a chronicler of current events; and as an informer of public opinion, thereby fostering different points of view. Often, the mass media tend to minimize coverage of events and organizations of interest to women. The media do not adequately inform the public about the rights and roles of women in society; nor do they usually engage in measures to promote or improve women’s position. Most of the world’s media have yet to deal with the fact that women, as a rule, are the first to be affected by political, social and economic changes and reforms taking place in a country—for example, they are among the first to lose their jobs. The fact that women are largely alienated from the political decision-making process is also ignored by the media.
8. Violence against women--Violence against women and girls constitutes a widespread violation of human rights as well as a significant limitation to women’s empowerment. Violence against women and girls leads to death and disability; its exact incidence and prevalence is however difficult to quantitatively measure (as a result of a lack of reliable and comparable data from official reporting mechanisms and surveys). While many countries focus upon providing support for women and girls who have experienced violence, combating

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