The Role Of A Collectivist Society In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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How can a collectivist society be created when each individual is different? In Anthem, Equality is the protagonist that lives in a collectivist society, in a collectivist society every individual is equal and must think and act collectively. In the novella Anthem by Ayn Rand the process for establishing a collective society requires the removal of love, education, and individualism. In order to remove love and relationships what leads to these relationships must also be taken such as friends and family. Removing love and relationships between others help create a collective society because if an individual does not have feeling towards one they will listen to the highest authority. “Children are born every winter, but women never see their children and children never know their parents” (Rand 41). By not letting children see their parent’s individuals will never experience any connection with another individual. If an individual does not have a connection with another person they will always put forward the society’s needs first. When creating a collective society the removal of education is another key commission. By removing education from society, people are forced to all think collectively which helps create a collective society. Equality the protagonist was looked down upon the teacher because he was smarter and the teacher…show more content…
In a collective society all members must act collectively or together. This includes thinking, working or living therefor by taking love and education they are forced to work collectively with the same people they see day to day. By taking away individualism, differences between two are also being taken, therefore everyone is looked at the same. A collective society might mean people must act collectively, but thinking collectively is almost impossible with every individual being
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