The Role Of A Local Self Government?

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Role of local self governments in promoting social harmony
Outline - What is LSG? What is social harmony? Why do we need to promote it? What are the factors which help in promoting/ adversely affect social harmony? How can LSGs help in the same? What are the various forms of LSGs? How do they function as of now? What services do they provide? How effective is that service delivery? On what parameters can it be judged? How can that effectiveness be increased? What are the impediments? How can they be dealt with?
What is Local Self Government (LSG)?
Local Self Government is a Government managing the local affairs of a community/ society comprising of individuals from within that community. The local affairs in question can be administrative and executive. The LSGs are based on the assumption that local people understand the community, its issues, concerns, requirements and people better than the elected representatives at the state/ centre level. A more comprehensive definition has been given by K. Venkata Rangia [1969] as, “Local inhabitants representing local body possessing autonomy within its limited spheres, raising revenue through local taxation, and spending its income on local services, constitute the local self government.” There are various other famous definitions of LSGs which more or less come to the same conclusion regarding what to include in the ambit of LSGs. The most important and central theme of all these definitions has five main elements. These are, it

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