The Role Of A Teacher's Role In Society

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Role of teacher is importance not only in the classroom but also in society. The teacher is responsible to obtain and give the knowledge and skills from their generation to give to the generation coming. Doing so, the teacher ensures the survival of human and its life. In fact, by their training and dedication, teacher becomes the key to quality education. Knowledge such as wisdom, moral and ethical values can be learnt though teacher. To ensure the correct development of their students, the teacher can first ensure each student are having the proper education in a safe environment, another method is to provide teaching and that the learning method taught is efficient, third is to increase the students ' self-esteem and personal confidence, finally is to prepare students with the necessary knowledge, character and skills for higher education and to live in society.
Achieving the skills mentioned above, a teacher needs to act as a manager in the classroom to help students. There are some set of managerial skills that teacher should be equipped with, such as, leadership, conflict resolution, information processing, decision making, resource allocation and so on.
The role of a teacher is important since they need to act as a leader in their classroom. This skill is concerned with the ability of the teacher to motivate and help students and at the same time, to deal with their problems effectively. Motivation can be defined as a force that awakes a person from their sleepy mode
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