The Role Of Advertising On Tourism And Tourism

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Role of Advertising on Tourism
According to Rong and Mu (2013), there are various ways to increase the market in the tourism industry. The use of a brand name in getting the public‟s attention works well or method of regional cooperation in tourism. However, the use of advertising as the primary means of success requires a carefully analysis of the tools in the fields of scientific, social and economic behavior.
Moradkhani (2014), defined advertising as the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services. The tourism industry must use advertising as the primary tool for its professional gain. The successful promotion of tourism in each country is based on cultural values, and the professionals understanding of advertising and its values. Professional advertising can be seen as a winning tool for the economic development both inside and outside of the given country. Inappropriate, insufficient, inadequate advertising can be waste of money and energy. The advertiser is required to identify the target audience and tourism and which will increase tourism, investments and other positive behavior dependent on the volume of the advertising aimed to attract the tourists.
As per Vary (2010), another method is the use of a logo as more effective advertisement. Since a logo has a special effect visual on the reader 's mind, it can easily be distinguished from all other trademarks. For instance, Joan Miro designed the logo for Spain. The Sun and

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