The Role Of Aeneid In Virgil's Odyssey

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“Tell me, Muse, how it all began. Why was Juno so outraged?” This famous quote happens within the first page of the Aeneid and will be the first of many times the Gods appear and interfere during Aeneas’s story. Without the Gods adjusting events to their liking or showing up to the characters and guiding them on what to do in a particular situation, Aeneas’s tale and journey would have been significantly different. This paper will argue that Virgil’s Aeneid presents the Gods as a vital and irreplaceable role within Aeneas’s story.
In the Odyssey, men are given their destiny at birth. The way they live their life and the events that happen during it were already chosen to happen by the Gods. On the other hand, in the Aeneid, the Gods work through
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