The Role Of Ambition In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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When one thinks of Frankenstein, they think of a terrible monster destroying buildings and murdering people, but the monster is not named Frankenstein. The creator is Victor Frankenstein and the monster does not have a name. The book is called Frankenstein and it is written by Mary Shelley. In the book, Victor Frankenstein is studying and has a passion for science. One day on a stormy night, Victor ambition grew and made the dead come back to life. Victor did not like the creature, so he ran away from his problems. Throughout the whole story, ambition plays a role.Victor has ambition, but so does every other character such as Robert Walton and the monster. All of their desires all different, but it does reflect back on one another.…show more content…
The monster wants to fit and make a friend since he is also lonely. “The monster had a rough journey, to fit in and make a friend. He met the DeLacey’s, but when he showed himself to them, they shooed him away because he was ugly. The were quick to judge them, it left him in pain. So, finally he went to find Victor and tell him his harsh adventure and demand for a companion. So, he asks Victor to do a deed for him. “You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being. This you alone can do, and I demand it of you as a right which you must not refuse to concede” (Shelley 156). The monster hope is to have a friend and not to be judge by his appearance. He wants to be able to be happy and live in peace, so if victor made him, he can make another one.
Given these points, Frankenstein provides an ideal escape for ambition. The desire causes many feelings for the characters and they do outrageous things to achieve it. The examples are Victor studying, which causes him to become blind and create the monster, Walton wants a friend to express himself, and the monster also wants a friend and wants to fit in without being judged for his appearance. Ambition is the best way to provide the characters to have aspiration to prior the story of
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