The Role Of American Expansionism In The 1890's

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The United States American expansionism in the 1890's was motivated by the search of new markets and investment opportunities. Businesses created the expansion because the economy was so prosperous at this time. Mechanization and mass production allowed the industries in America to grow, which led to the growth of business, consumer goods and the overall American corporation. According to the textbook, the businesses interest shaped diplomatic and military strategy. Additionally, farm production increased, transportation systems improved and railroads were a significant factor. The United States became first place in the world in farm output and and in number of factories. For example, the number of American export tripled wile American direct investments increased as well. Generally, new businesses and economic interest motivated expansionism within the United States. However, the book also states that politics, joined profits, patriotism, and piety played a huge role in expansionism. What do you think the biggest role in expansionism in the 1890's was?…show more content…
It seems to me that the United States was benefiting from the rich corporations during this time. Many challenges came about because all of the other nations wanted to satisfy their own ambition as much as the U.S. wanted to. However, the foreign policy is an interventionist savior of other nations because so many products were being shipped and other countries wanted the products that the United States
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