The Role Of Andrew Jackson In The Trail Of Tears

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4,000. That is the number of cherokee that died because of Andrew Jackson just in the Trail of Tears. Jackson was not president at this time but his policies still led to the trail of tears, he did lead the Indian Removal act though and he was apart of Manifest Destiny, these reasons apply why Jackson was a villain. Jackson was a terrible role model for this country. He killed many innocent people for what he thought was for the good of the U.S.A. Although, now that we can comprehend what happened back then, we can tell that he was a terrible person and president. In 1838 and 1839 the Trail of tears was a horrible journey where the Cherokee were forced to move to Oklahoma at the start of the winter. Jackson was not president at this time, but his removal policies still forced the Cherokee to give up it’s land and forced to move. The Trail of Tears was given it’s name by the Cherokee because of the devastation that happened to the people. The Cherokee were forced to move so quickly that they had no time to get any of their belongings. This led to many Native Americans dying because of hunger, cold and disease. Exactly 4,000 people died, and this could have been avoided if…show more content…
These americans had the idea to move any groups of Native american out of their way, and so they did. The thought was that they would expand to spread their cultures and ways. Manifest destiny was a long event so Andrew Jackson wasn’t alive for this but again, his policies still enforced this to happen. The american people really felt that this was given to them to personally do, they again felt that God’s will was demanding of them to do this and spread their traditions around. They felt that they need to make the world an image of their own country. Manifest destiny then led to the Mexican-American war where Mexico was fighting to try and keep the land of Texas that they thought was
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