The Role Of Animals In Zoos

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Animals don’t have the voice to speak up about being exploited involuntarily for entertainment, so is it ethically right to hold them captive? There are over 750,000 types of animals that are held captive in zoos around the world, not to mention, multiple animals per species. (Statistics Brain). For animals to be held in captivity, it is a necessity to ensure that animals receive the reciprocal of their crucial needs, such as the animals having the correct habitat, social abilities or needs, nutrition, and an appropriate confinement.

Zoos around the world have recently been under fire for hiding the reality of the zoo’s version of “The Circle of Life” from visitors. Zoos don’t present to us the “behind the scenes” action, as they don’t want us to realise what traumatic experiences the innocent animals
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Obviously, in the wild, births and deaths of animals are done naturally or done in order to keep the food chains in proportion to each other. However, in zoos, animals will often be bred and will over breed animals to produce future generations of the species, especially if the breed is in threat of extinction. In June 2017, The Dallas Zoo welcomed a baby giraffe into the zoo, where “The latter delivery was broadcast on Animal Planet and before an audience of about 4 million who watched the birth live online.” (NBC 5 News). The birth of
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