The Role Of Anti-Depressant In Today's Society

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Drugs such as anti-depressants, anxiety meds, and mood altering meds have become a major problem for today 's society. In relation to these meds, over 100,000 people die from prescription meds, not including suicides and murders (Marketwired). Anti-depressants and other drugs with the same intent to cure health problems should not be out for the public with pliable requirements because these drugs change one 's character, give a high chance of hurting the consumer or the ones around the user, and it can cause major health problems that can affect one 's life forever. The easily accessible drugs that are offered to the open public now a days do far more than getting your mind off the present. Recent studies show that over using these…show more content…
Drugs have been known to cause be linked to multiple tragic events such as the infamous columbine shooting as well as other shooting sprees and crimes across America. One incident involved a man stealing meds from an ambulance, the afterwards going on a crime spree where he ended up breaking into a bus and stealing multiple items (Meagan Weymes). Recent studies show that taking anti-depressants can double your likeliness to commit suicide and to have violent actions (Spencer, Ben). Suicidal thoughts occur most frequently in children under 18 than it does to adults (spencer, Ben). In the Brave New World John The Savage kills himself shortly after he took some “soma” which is a drug that acts as an antidepressant, (chapter 18, Huxley). Illegal Drugs such as Etizolam can even be purchased online as a college student purchased it. This student was conducting an experiment to find alternate means for anxiety so he purchased the drug and took it. Unfortunately the drug was way too powerful for his body resulting in his whole organ system shutting down. The young man was found dead in his bed a few days later (Robin, Perrie). John the savage 's mother Linda dies in the hospital after overdosing on soma which her body could not handle, “by the time they were back at the end of the word Linda was dead” (chapter 14). This proves that death is a shortcoming after…show more content…
This thief however stumbled across a medicine cabinet and found the homeowners prescription drugs. Wanting to “just get high” the thief took nearly 60 pills all at once, which is extremely dangerous. When the homeowner returned to his humble abode he found the thief passed out inside his closet. Apparently the thief had fell into a coma right after taking all of the pills. When awoken this unfortunate man won a front row seat on the prison bus. Before the incident is was shown that he was addicted to heroin which shows that drugs can lead you into the path of crime (Gordon Deegan). In the Brave New World Linda; the mother of john the savage, took soma to get very high but ended up taking way too much which drove her to falling into a “soma coma” The doctor gave Linda as much as 20 grammes of soma a day which put her in the coma. The doctor then tells John that “One day the respiratory centre will be paralyzed. No more breathing. Finished. If we rejuvenate, of course it would be different. But we can’t.” (chapter 11, Huxley) This quote literally means that since Linda has already fell into this coma she is destined to die and nothing can be done

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