The Role Of Antonio López De Santa Anna In Mexico

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Antonio López de Santa Anna Pérez de Lebrón At the center of Mexico’s politics, during the events of the Texas Revolution and Mexican-American War, was Antonio López de Santa Anna. Born on February 21, 1794 in Jalapa, Mexico, Santa Anna grew up to be an influential army official. With Santa Anna’s prestige, he would help some political figures and then turn against them. In 1821, Santa Anna supported Agustín de Iturbide and the war for Mexican Independence; however, in 1823, he helped to overthrow Iturbide. He also backed Vicente Guerrero for president, but disposed him later. Although these unjust deeds, Santa Anna was seen as a hero. In 1829, Santa Anna gained much prestige when he fought against Spain’s attempt to reconquer Mexico, and earned the title Hero of Tampico. This glory gained him favor in 1833, as he ran for presidency as a Federalist and opponent of the Roman Catholic Church. He established a centralised state. He reigned until 1836,…show more content…
Santa Anna moved toward San Jacinto River after defeating the Texan army at the Alamo and Goliad. Santa Anna was defeated at the Battle of San Jacinto, and was captured by General Sam Houston, on April 21. After signing two treaties, one ending the war and one a secret promising to do everything he could to ensure that the Mexican government adhered to public treaty. After a meeting with President Andrew Jackson in Washington, D.C., Santa Anna returned home to Mexico where his reign ended. Santa Anna gained prestige again after a battle with the French in 1838. The French navy had seized the Veracruz and demanded compensation for injuries to French citizens in Mexico. Santa led forces to the Veracruz, only to fail and lose a leg in the battle. Although he gained enough prestige to act as a dictator from March to July 1839, while the president was away. He then held power after leading a revolt; however, he lost that when he was driven into exile in
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