The Role Of Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna In Mexico

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Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had many leadership qualities he was literally a leader, he served as a Mexican politician and general. He significantly influenced early Mexican politics and government, he was a skilled soldier and clever politician. He gained power in Mexico, throwing out the Mexican constitution and declaring himself dictator. Santa Anna did not have a specific ideology. The federalists gave him the opportunity to come back to the country, to take power, and to defend Mexico. Since Santa Anna was not really committed to either side of politics, his alliance with the federalists was just so he would be allowed to return to power. It was possible for Santa Anna to change his political views from one group to the other as long as the group could guarantee that he would be in power because that is all that he wanted.
Santa Anna repealed the Mexican Constitution, which eventually led to the beginning of the Texas Revolution. Santa Anna 's reasoning for the repeal was that American settlers in Texas were not paying taxes or tariffs, the Texans were claiming they were not recipients of any of the services provided by the Mexican Government. As a result, the new settlers were not allowed there. The new policy was a response to the U.S. attempts to purchase Texas from Mexico. Santa Anna’s
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Texas was part of Mexico, with the land being cheap Americans wanted to settle there and when Americans tried claiming it as their own he had to fight back just like anyone would. Americans were trying to take over and they disagreed with his laws therefore he was standing his ground. Later Santa Anna described in a letter that killing defenders of the Alamo was his only option. The letter blamed William Travis on the amount of violence that occurred. He stated that if Travis had not have been so disrespectful towards him that he would have allowed Sam Houston to establish a dominant presence
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