The Role Of Apartheid In South Africa

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During apartheid, the government was pressured by the international community which wanted apartheid to end. Many international campaigns were enforced on the south African economy which stressed the great extent the international community put on the south African apartheid government to modify the system.
To understand everything better we need to first understand what apartheid was and how it originated. Apartheid basically was a system of established racial segregation and discrimination in South Africa and in 1912 black urban and traditional leaders founded the South African native national congress who believed in the opposition of the policies made by the first union of South Africa government which led to an increase in internal resistance.
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The external resistance stemmed from south Africa’s growing international isolation and decreasing economic supports due to apartheid which would result to the end of racial segregation and discrimination, this all began with the anti-apartheid movement in the 1960s which was born out of the boycotts in april1960, after the Sharpeville genocide on 21 March the ANC was banned which now meant all paths of peaceful disagreement to apartheid inside South Africa were unnavigable.
The freedom movements started and set about establishing an underground resistance, and started looking for assistance from external countries leading to international isolation of apartheid South Africa and, Christian Action’s Resistance and Aid Fund, for support for those imprisoned for their obstruction to the white

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