The Role Of Assembly In The Revolutionary War '

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1. Assembly means the gathering of people almost always for a specific purpose. Assembly fits in with what we 've learned so far because the first and second continental congresses were assemblies to talk about overthrowing Britain/discussing the intolerable acts. 2. Burgesses are representatives in lamens terms. Burgesses fits in with what we 've learned so far because a lot of our founding fathers were once representatives in the British house of burgesses. 3. Compromise means solving a problem by making mutual concessions. Compromise fits in with what we 've learned so far because the Revolutionary war would 've never even happened if the leaders of the colonies and Britain didn 't fail to make a compromise. 4. A Delegate is a person set to represent a group of people.…show more content…
Delegates fit into what we are learning because the first continental congress consisted of 12 delegates, one representing each state (Georgia failed to attend), discussing the intolerable acts. 5. Imposts basically mean taxes. Imposts or Taxes fit into what we 've learned because that 's basically what started the Revolutionary war was the acts and taxes that Britain kept imposing on the colonies after the French & Indian war to help pay off war debt. 6. A Minutemen was a soldier of a Colony Militia who volunteered to be ready for battle in a minute 's notice. A Minutemen fits into what we 've learned so far because Minutemen fought the war for the colonies along with regular
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