The Role Of Baptism In The Congolese

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In 1959, when the Price family first arrives to the Congo, the country is controlled by the Belgians through colonial rule. In the past, Belgium attempted to “civilize” the Congolese by bringing them Catholic missionaries to convert them and tried to establish schools for education. The Belgians also established businesses (such as diamond mining) where the Congolese people were forced to work to enrich the Belgians. This mirrors the actions of Nathan Price, the Baptist minister who brings his family over from the United States on a religious mission. Nathan Price, being the only male figure in his family, rules over his wife and daughters. He is eager to spread God 's words throughout the village, thinking he is bringing the natives salvation and will easily convert them to Baptism.…show more content…
Even as it is evident that the Prices are no longer welcome in Kilanga, and with things getting progressively worse for whites in the Congo, Nathan refuses to let his family leave, unable to let go of his desire to push his religion on the Congolese
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