The Role Of Bastet In Ancient Egypt

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Bastet is one of the most admired goddesses of Ancient Egypt and is known to be the cat goddess. She was very important in Egypt and played a big role. She was playful and graceful, but also fierce and used to have a head of a lion. She was a lioness warrior goddess and her name means “She the perfume jar”. Bastet has a temple in the center of town in Ancient Egypt and has a festival, held in April or May that include singing, dancing, and feasting. Over 700,00 people make an appearance at this festival.

She was mostly known to be a cat goddess, although she had many more things that she was associated with. Some of these symbols include the Sun, perfume, war, family, music, dance, pleasure, protection and much more. She is known as Amun (, the man with the head of a ram, king of gods) daughter. Bastet is the wife of Ptah (, the god of creation) and the mother of Maahes ( known to be the lion).
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Bastet was worshipped as early as 2,890 BC. She was worshipped because at that time in Ancient Egypt, cats were very sacred and no mistreating of them was allowed. Bastet made sure these cats were not

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