The Role Of Blacks In African American Society

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The main conditions that the blacks faced was oppression and slavery, due to them being treated as property instead of human beings they felt as though they didn 't have any moral value. When their freedom was finally granted that did not mean the problems they faced went away. Many people of the south did not care if they were granted freedom they still made them stay and face horrible living and working conditions. Also they were not really given any rights and were still facing racism at its fullest. The “whites only” bathrooms and areas made blacks feel as though freedom may have caused things to become worse due to the fact that many people did not like the changes in their freedom because now they would have to pay for labor instead of it being free with slaves. Lastly they were not able to make political and economical decisions they did not have the right to vote or even go to the same schools as the “Whites”. Therefore they needed to be seen as people and not treated with segregation and oppression.…show more content…
I have read many books on all black towns and how the government funding for these public school are little to none and the living conditions are horrible. These people are still being segregated but in a different way. They are being pushed into ghettos and areas of the United states that has little or not social or economic growth leaving them working hard at “retail’ or “labor” jobs. They are barely making ends meet and do not have time to find ways to lift themselves from these conditions and it creates a cycle for these lower class black individuals to be stuck in for

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