The Role Of Blacks In The Criminal Justice System

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According to the text the criminal justice system is racist, because Martin Luther King day, for instance ,senator Barack Obama charged that blacks and whites “are arrested at very different rates and receive very different sentenced.” A example for this would be the book we are currenting A lesson before dying . A black man went to the store with two of his black friends and they shot a white man the boy name jefferson didn't do anything but by him being a black man and a white man is dead he is going to get charged with murder and a death sentence. If it was the other way around and a white man killed black mans he would of been let go and not charged but if they do charge him he would not get that much time. Our justice system is just messed up but that's just how things are today.…show more content…
Blacks get pulled over for no reason and that’s how so many things happen to us and nobody has really stood up and did anything to help us . I mean people have said things about it but nothing changed the same thing has happened. Blacks are the number one people to get arrested for drugs because our black males are already a suspect to the system. We as americans do not try to help we just down talk them and we should help our blacks out. In this this article i really think they are being
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