The Role Of Canad Canada In Homeland Security

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In 2002, Canada followed Homeland Security of United States and came up with an immigration plan. The bill was called “Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.” The focus of the bill was to stop people entering Canada and seeking asylum who will endanger the safety of the Canadians. The bill introduced strict law for people who will try to put the life of Canadians at risk. The law allowed immigration to remove people from the country who may pose a threat to the country. It also allowed high financial penalties. It also give power to front line officers to deny access to people entering Canada who have a criminal record. The law also fasten the process to remove people from the country, if convicted to any crime endangering the Canadians.…show more content…
Especially when it comes to Middle East. However when it comes to the nation of Israel, Canada and Israel go way back. In 1947, Canada was one of the country to vote in favor of United Nation resolution. Over the year Canada has maintained its support to nation of Israel by opposing against United Nations resolution about Israel occupying Palestinian land. The relationship might have fallen cold over time, but things started to change after 9/11. It really started to pick up during Stephen Harper presidency. In 2006 Palestine elected Hamas government into power. Canada was the first country to boycott the new Hamas government. Canada boycotted Hamas government even before the nation of Israel. Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a remake in 2010 regarding Israel stating Canada will always take a stand with Israel. Even if the stand is against the United Nation or the
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