The Role Of Climate Change In The Arctic

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The Arctic has a great impact on the world 's overall climate, and the rapid increase of temperatures is dramatically altering the world 's environments. The change is altering ecosystems, animals, indigenous people, as well as other areas. Climate change should be one of the world’s most pressing issues, because of the effects on the ecosystems and future generations. If these conditions were to continue at the rate in which it is increasing then soon it will be too late to do anything about it. It is a fact that the Arctic’s ecosystems are changing. The Arctic contains multiple ecosystem, all intertwining and codependent on each other, when one changes all have to adapt to change and sometimes the change is too rapid. Arctic plants are fortuitous but the…show more content…
In Wildlife in peril as the Arctic melts). The plants dispersing makes it harder for them to reproduce and grow, and with the plants comes animals that is another contributor to the plant’s demise. Another way the Arctic is changing Is in the sea ice surrounding it. The Arctic’s sea ice is melting at a rapid rate and the damage it is having on the world is almost irreversible. Since 1980 there has been a 30% drop in sea ice which is an alarming number for a short period of time (Kolbert 27). The drop in sea ice will result in very different environments. For example the Canadian Arctic Archipelago has more than 36,000 islands all connected my sea ice if

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