Nonviolent Communication Analysis

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In this seminar, Building Peace through Transpersonal Understanding, our focus is to learn about nonviolent communication, conflict resolution, and transpersonal peace. Nonviolent communication, or called NVC, is “a way of communicating that leads us to give from the heart” (Rosenberg 3). The intention of nonviolent communication is to help people better express, communicate, and relate with one another. The process of nonviolent communication allows the most genuine and basic feelings, needs, and thoughts to be conveyed. After comprehending the skills from nonviolent communication, we may then use and apply it for resolving a conflict. Yet, it is definitely easier said than done. However, we should not be cut short because of the challenges…show more content…
I wanted to know what happened that caused the disconnection, which led to Russia’s extreme behavior of abuse and violence. I wanted to know why the Russians are devoting so much of their energy in attacking Ukraine and how Ukraine response to such attacks. Through investigating on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, I may be able to further understand what China think what they think about Taiwan and do what they do to Taiwan. As a Taiwanese, it is definitely hard to put down my own beliefs, impressions, and stereotypes. However, through exploring on this conflict, I hope to…show more content…
We have to understand the feeling, thoughts, and intentions of Russia behind their violence and not to only blame, condemn, and chastise. Then, we acknowledge the needs of both Russia and Ukraine, and also the two parties within Ukraine. In order to do so, we have to discard all prejudices. The ultimate goal is then for all the involved groups to be able to empathize with one another. By trying to do the objectives that are listed above, there may then be hope between a peaceful conflict resolution between Russia and

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