The Role Of Communication In Teaching English

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Human beings can share their ideas and thoughts with each other by the use of language. Language includes the systems of human communication which consists of the structured arrangement of sounds into larger units such as morphemes, words, sentences, utterances (Richards & Schmidt, 2010). The process of communication by the use of English is primarily based on the main skills of a language (i.e. speaking, listening, reading and writing). In this process, teachers and learners are the most important participants which their roles should be taken into consideration by Teaching English as Foreign/Second Language (TEFL/TESL) researchers. Teachers and researchers in the field of language teaching have shifted their focus away from the teacher-centered learning to the learner-centered learning. In other words, EFL learners take on more responsibility for their learning to meet their own individual needs. Accordingly, Lynch (2010), the learner-centered approach puts more responsibility on the learners ' shoulder by making use of language learning strategies. Learner-centered approach (i.e., active learning) is a teaching method in which the learner is in the center of learning process and the teacher has the least impression in language teaching. Accordingly, Lynch proposes some principles for learner-centered approach. The principles are based on the responsibility for learners’ learning, directly involving them in the learning process and raising social

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