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Dream, every person can dream which can be about love, joy, evil, dark, bright, peace, nature etc. But those dreams may come true or may not. These dreams can be seen in our real life. We can feel it, see it and enjoy it. This can be done only through films. Mostly children use to dream about fairies, love and fantasy. Those feeling can only give by Disney movies which are about love and joy. Disney is also known as Walt Disney Company which many films mostly are animated films. The founder of this company is Walt Disney who is a cartoonist, voice actor, animator and film producer. This company is well known in America and it is a largest studio. The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the first film from Disney.

Analysis about the concept art of Disney movies.
What is concept art?
Concept art is the type of conveying the
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As Disney studio produced many films in the type of fantasy and fairy tale, the concept art plays the main role in it. Those fantasies and fairy tales which cannot be seen in our real life it can be come through the art. So there concept art is important.
How I can Analysis the Concept art of Disney movies?
Disney movies include animation as well as live-action movies. So the research is about the concept art of select five movies. Where the concept art got credits in that movies. Concept art is about character design, costume design and settings. So the analyzation will be on particular movie where the character design, costume design or settings are best in that.
What are animated movies and live-action movies?
Animated movies, in which each photos or paintings will move fast frame by frame to make the illusion. Each frame differs from another frame.
Live-action movies, it is type of movies where there animated character but they use special effects. It is based on the stories of cartoon and comics.
Here the selected movies where the concept art is

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