The Role Of Corruption In Andrew Jackson's Presidency

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Andrew Jackson’s road to the presidency was the first of its kind. A new era of election techniques began, with picnics, parades, huge public rallies, mudslinging, and accusations of bigamy and adultery to name a few. With the mass turn out at these functions it seemed the people were engaging in politics. Andrew Jackson did win the 1828 election and became the President of the United States. He was the first president to openly defend the practice of replacing many of the officeholders. However, after the Peggy Eaton Affair Jackson he replaced his original appointed cabinet members. It appears there was corruption throughout his presidency with the Indian removal by using military action against them. His personal feud with Vice President Calhoun over nullification, tariffs, and gossip. In addition his misuse of presidential powers by destroying the Bank of the United States.
In my opinion Andrew Jackson should be removed from the twenty dollar bill, because of the corruption and misuse of powers throughout his presidency. First was Indian removal and how to rapidly achieve it. Jackson regarded Indians as children when they did white man’s bidding and savage beast when they resisted. He would not protect the Indians from state actions and put the full weight of the federal government behind their removal. Treaties
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Calhoun wanted states to be able to declare which federal law they wanted to uphold or oppose, in other words nullification. South Carolina wanted to nullify the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 and the Vice President was fully backing the nullification. Jackson responded to these actions by asking Congress for the use of military force for this act of treason. In addition the Peggy Eaton Affair in which Calhoun and his wife were instrumental in the gossip of her moral character and social isolation, helped fuel the
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