The Role Of Cultural Segregation In America

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The foundation of America is religious freedom, we are one of the most diverse religious countries in the world with many different denominations. However, there still are many challenges that our society faces as it relates to religious tolerance and acceptance, mostly because of our fears and lack of understanding of other religious beliefs. The terrorist attack on September 11, have increase fear, prejudice and stereotypes for the entire religion of Islam. Some Muslims are using the Koran and the doctoring about the Jihad as the reason to promote hatred and commit murder against innocent people around the world, all in the name of Allah (GOD). They are using men, women and children to carry out these attacks, telling them that their sacrifice will ensure entry into heaven. These terrorist attacks have led to the demonization of the entire religion of Islam as violent and that it promotes terrorist attacks.…show more content…
After the Oklahoma City bombing no one blamed the Southern Baptist religion for Timothy McVeigh’s action. Furthermore, in Southeast Texas segregation still exist, if you do not believe me when you go to church on Sunday notice how segregated your congregation is, even when it the same determination, especially in Christianity, there are different churches for African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Caucasian, etc. This cultural segregation in religion, which should bring us together, help creates even more
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