The Role Of Death Of Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Lennie 's death is like candy’s dog 's death. First of all Candy’s dog has almost been just like Lennie except Lennie 's not a dog. Right before Candy’s dog is taken to pasture the guys are having a discussion about how they will kill him, and Carlson goes and says “I got my Luger”(45) and then they use the luger to shoot the dog in the back of the head. After Lennie kills curley 's wife, he runs away to a certain bush where George told him to go if all goes wrong. When Lennie panicked, he grabbed Carlson 's pistol he ran away, George found him there with the pistol, and took it away from him. George told him about the fantasy life they have been dreaming of, and in the middle of the dream George holds the pistol to the back of lennie 's
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