The Role Of Destiny In Cheryl Strayed's Wild

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Mariam-Webster Online Dictionary defines destiny as “what happens in the future: the things that someone or something will experience in the future” ("Destiny." Merriam-Webster). Every individual experiences a different destiny and while some find their destiny easily, others spend their whole lives searching. This can be evidentially seen in Cheryl Strayed’s novel Wild. Wild is a biography of the author’s journey along the Pacific Crest Trail; commonly referred to PCT. The author embarks on this journey in an attempt to find herself and her true destiny after living through the horrific events of her past. On her journey of self-discovery, the author finds herself involved with people and situations that she could have never previously imagined. These gripping events and characters keeps the reader constantly wanting more, and after analyzing the novel Wild by Cheryl Strayed in a feminist approach the novel reveals an intricate theme. The author reveals that a woman's search for identity is complicated by over-sexualization, toughened by the doubt of others, and completed through her mental perseverance.

Firstly, the author represents how a women’s search for identity is complicated by the sexual references directed to Cheryl within the novel. Cheryl encounters many different people on her journey and while so many of the people she meets are good and have good intentions, the
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The author produces this message through the sexual references towards the main character Cheryl, the doubt she faces, and the need for strong mental perseverance. All of these effects create struggle in Cheryl’s life one way or another. Many can connect with these topics, many can relate. It is hard to deny that Cheryl does not feel the struggle of the search, it many of been hard but it will be so worth it in the
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