The Role Of Determination In Chris Colfer's The Land Of Stories

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Determination will always guide you through times of desperation. The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer is a fantasy novel that takes place in the fairy tale world, The Land of Stories. Alex and Conner Bailey were twins who were given an embellished fairy-tale book by their grandmother after their father`s death. Soon after, the twins accidently activated a portal into the fairy tale world. The only way home was to collect eight items of the fairy tale world to complete The Wishing Spell, and already used once, the spell can only be used one more time. Discovering soon after, the escaped fugitive, the Evil Queen is also on a race to collect the eight items, the twins find allies along the way. Throughout the journey, Alex and Conner discover their father came from The Land of Stories! The twins were deceived, and the Evil Queen, Evly, made the wish to release her beloved from her Magic Mirror, but then the Queen`s sanctuary collapsed and trapped…show more content…
To begin with,“We`ll get home when we get home, and that`s that. But in the meantime, it doesn`t do us any good to be angry. We just have to get through it,”(page 200). This displays Alex`s perpetual desire to return to their world, but her curiosity also thirsts for the knowledge of the fairy tale world. Consequently, Alex reasons with herself and Conner, as both of them are desperate to complete the Wishing Spell. More importantly,“ I just don`t want mom to worry. The longer we`re here, the longer she`s going to be home”(page 249). This means that not only is Alex concerned for herself, she is also worried for her overly busy mother. Morever, her desperation and courage is even more fired up, because she is enthusiastic to go home and go back to being the smart alec in their class. To put it simply, Alex and Conner are racing back home, only depending on their willpower and determination for those they hold

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