The Role Of Discrimination In America

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Discrimination is an unseen weapon used by today 's generation. America herself has become extremely prejudice without acknowledging the consequences of her actions. Although America is not deliberately following the ways of her past, her uncanny behavior is only worsening the discrimination she swears to rid have herself of. Consequently speaking America has attempted to rid herself of her past misconceptions, she has mistakenly given her past discriminated victims more rights than everyone else. Living in this beautiful country I have come to realize that our government feels as if they need to make up for our past political parties mistakes. Although they had good intentions, it has only made it harder only the majority of the population. America is unknowingly judgmental towards any select person that has a belief or opinion that is not supported at the current time. As an example people have seen the harsh behavior gay people have faced over the last hundred years so they decided to make their beliefs the most important.…show more content…
My peers look at me in disgust when I do or say anything that is not politically correct. I cannot express my faith in this country without judgmental comments, about me shoving my religion down their vulnerable throats. To further the explain the perplexity of Americas biased nature; when applying for scholarships and or college there are ethnic options. When I first discovered this I was immediately confused as to why this would be necessary to receive aid and an excellent education, but confusion led to frustration. I was appalled when I realized that there are secular scholarships, grants, and colleges for every ethnicity except Caucasian. Caucasian is the mix of races that came from Europe, Russia, or parts of Asia. Basically they have no idea what race we are, but can anyone in America fully claim one
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