The Role Of Diversity In The Workplace

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How does one define diversity? Diversity to me is how one individual is different from another. This includes your gender, religion, race, ethnicity, physical abilities, and socio-economic status. We are different from one another but should all be treated equally with respect. Working in a male dominated organization I have been able to witness the firsthand realities of how female employees are treated. This will be the diversity challenge that I will be discussing. Since recorded time women have been treated in the United States as second-class citizens. Females have been perceived as inferior to their male counterpart. As Graham points out “Although changes in the United States culture and economic structure have free women roles other than marriage and motherhood in the last three or four generations, societal pressures still keep many talented women from finishing college or progressing fairly through their careers of…show more content…
A number of reasons came up such as to why female employees were not attracted to these positions 1.lack of support from male employees and management. 2. Feelings of isolation 3. Harsh treatment 4. Lack of respect from male employees. There are many female employees that start a position and revert back to their previous position because of these reasons. This diversity challenge is of great importance in my workplace organization specifically because it can hinder the growth of our organization. By women not feeling comfortable they will not take on new roles and eventually leave the company. This challenge has the potential of yielding greater productivity. It is imperative that my organization recognizes the importance having a diverse group; everyone will have a different understanding of a problem and its solution, which will enable teamwork, and increase
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