The Role Of Doodle In The Scarlet Ibis

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CC Sentences: Unit 3: Quarter 1 The narrator tried to fabricate Doodle into a “normal” brother. Doodle does an eminent job by learning how to walk. Doodle surmounts his struggle of not knowing how to walk by learning how to. Doodle is an adherent of his older brother because he wants to be like him. The narrator is very irate when he finds out his brother is different and “isn’t all there.” Doodle has a dissent with his family when they tell him not to touch the scarlet ibis. Doodle’s life was abridged due to his brother’s stupid mistake of abandoning him there. Doodle was an adherent of the Scarlet Ibis because he had sympathy for and towards it. The family would be irate at the narrator for not taking care of doodle even when he
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