The Role Of Edgar Allan Poe In The Raven

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As an aspiring writer, Poe used all the tricks that could possibly be used as a fiction writer. He used exclamation points, double-dashes, italics, repetition, and the capitalization of either the first letter of a word or the entire word; this is done so to increase the excitement of his gothic stories. Poe mostly sets his stories in a fantastical environment in order to distract his readers from modern-day references and push them into “the ideal and the beautiful”. Aside from the typical fantasy setting, he uses a kind of psychotic environment consisting of the term “claustrophobia”; like roomy yet airless solitary house, or a psychological prison of clearly deranged character. Like Edgar Allan Poe’s’ stories characters, they are usually dominated by their own emotions.…show more content…
Like in The Raven, one of Poe’s’ favorite characters to use in these fictional settings was often animals that only the main character could interpret. Like the famous raven in Poe’s’ most well-known novel, he uses it to replace supernatural interventions; representing some sort of symbol of omen, loathing, violence, etc. As a well-known fact, Poe’s’ stories mostly had to do with death or anything that could be coupled with death. Presumably, Poe tied this in with his personal experiences; like being alienated in his old life, as not being a part of his adoptive wealthy family . All these individual parts contribute to what is known as Edgar Allan Poe’s “apocalyptic sense of doom combined with the romantic innocence of
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