The Role Of Education In Education And Peace And Development

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Education is the primary source to shape the attitudes of individuals. It equips the people with meaningful knowledge and skills to effectively handle and tackle various challenges of life. There are many cost effective methods and approaches to authorize people with knowledge, skills and resources to promote peace and development. Education enables people to resolve problems and conflicts by generating conditions that create peace and development. Education is a source of peace and progress, because it promotes harmony and peace. The role of education in development of peace is an incontestable fact. It brings about a positive change in the attitudes and behaviours of people. Peace and progress are the ultimate results of effective education. Individuals get awareness about their roles and responsibilities through education and training. They find mutually interactive opportunities of learning new behaviours and acquiring new knowledge. This helps them to co-exist peacefully with others and to work for sustainable peace and development of their societies. Combination of peace education in the classroom curriculum and school activities is the best way to achieve this goal. Schools are learning communities where future citizens are trained, educated and prepared. Another way is to train the teachers and other volunteers as educators to promote the causes of peace and development. Teachers may perform this through their teaching practices in schools. This provides an

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