The Role Of Education In 'The One Plus One'

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In The One plus one by Jojo Moyes, we meet Tanzie, who is extremely talented in mathematics. She has great possibilities to develop and get a good education, but one thing is ruining her hopes. Unfortunately for her and her family, her mother is a single mum and cannot afford to put her in a good school. Tanzie is still lucky to have a school to go to in a greater perspective, as there is people having much bigger problems in other parts of the world. Inequality and poverty is causing big difficulties, including child labour and totally non-educated generations. Still, Tanzie doesn`t have the same opportunities as the children she is together with. Education is extremely important and every child should have the same possibilities as long as it is possible. How are we going to solve this? Because the problems need action. How are we going to reduce the inequality in school?…show more content…
There will always be differences between people and that’s how it is. The problem is however, for instance, how people from poor families have a significant lower chance of achieving their objectives. As there becomes a large spectre of social difference in a society, the less fortunate will not be able to compete against the stronger ones. The result is a society that is divided, and will have problems moving forward as only one half of the inhabitants has the possibility of develop. This is in other words an important subject. There are many different things causing the dissimilarities both in one specific society and on a global perspective. Education is arguably the most important thing in order to reduce it. To have a school system for everyone is therefore vital, no matter the social

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