The Role Of Engineering And The Importance Of Engineered Engineering

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Engineer Engineered Engineering Engineering Testmony ENGINEERING HAS PLAYED A LARGE PART IN CREATING OUR PAST, AND IT IS AGREED IT WILL PLAY A CRITICAL ROLE IN OUR FUTURE As largely accepts education plays a role in the prosperity of society, it is especially the presence of both knowledge and know-how that determines how societies are flourishing. A vibrant engineering presence benefits civic, economic, and intellectual activity in this country. Engineering education is to integrate scientific and engineering principles to develop products and processes that contribute to economic growth, advances in medical care, enhanced national security systems, ecologically sound resource management, and many other beneficial areas. The propagation of engineering is significant to every nation rather globally to ensure the wealth of the society. Every profession has a “the past”, and the extent to which that heritage is known, remembered, preserved, honored, and used determines to a great extent the degree to which the profession knows and understands itself and is recognized and respected as a profession outside the confines of its own practice. The profession of engineering has a long, rich, and important story. An effort is made through this publication to effectuate an inclusive perception about ‘Engineering’ to humanity and the engineering society at large. Mankind, as an inhabitant of Planet Earth growing to about 8.0 Billion in less than a decade, will face evolving

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