The Role Of English As An International Language

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After presenting different views of the role of the English language in the world nowadays, we should question what kind of teaching would be most appropriate to the learning of English as an International Language. McKay (2002:12), based on the ideas of Smith (1976), summarizes some important aspects that should be considered to the teaching of an international language. 1) As an international language, English is used both in a global sense for international communication between countries and in a local sense as a language of wider communication within multilingual societies. 2) As it is an international language, the use of English is no longer connected to the culture of Inner Circle countries. 3) As an international language in a local sense, English becomes embedded in the culture of the country in which it is used. 4) As English is an international language in a global sense, one of its primary functions is to enable speakers to share with others their ideas and culture. McKay (2003) states that it is up to the local educators to determine what linguistic information, cultural content and teaching methodology are most appropriate for the local context so that learners could use English to tell others about their own culture. This, she says, implies that there is no need to internalize the cultural norms of the inner-circle countries and, furthermore, EIL becomes de-nationalized. Learning English may be seen as possibilities for learners to communicate their ideas and

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