The Role Of European Imperialism In Africa

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Why Was There So Much Imperialism Going On European’s taking control over Africa in a new way, called imperialism! Africa definitely changed from the European imperialism but it also benefited from it. Of course not in a fantastic way most of the time. The driving force behind European imperialism in Africa was a serious matter back in the 19th century that changed it for the better, even if it did cause a lot of controversy. Multiple European countries were fighting/competing for African territory. And eventually succeeding and spreading across the entire continent. “By 1914 seven European countries held African countries.” As many of the European countries were fighting each other, they started to come together and instead of fighting they split up Africa into sections where the certain European countries could have that piece of land. The French and British had the most land and were the most powerful. Even though most of Africa got taken over, Ethiopia and Liberia were the two countries to stay independent. During this time of imperialism there was a lot of technological development. Africa probably wouldn’t be where it was today if imperialism didn’t happen. Which is one of the plus sides to the country being taken over. “Method of getting quinine from cinchona tree bark (1820). Treatment for malaria.” Malaria impacted Africa so much to…show more content…
Culture was a big deal in Africa. The European’s who were definitely white men, thought people of color weren’t as important as them. Those people were taken advantage of. In the poem, “The White Man’s Burden,” has a lot to do with culture in the time Africa was imperialized The poem itself is pretty racist and many dislike it. “Send forth the best ye breed-” Kipling, the writer means in that quote to make the white men do the job. Kipling is encouraging the British to help feed the colonized population and to help them live healthy
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