The Role Of Euthanasia In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the most interesting idea that was presented is when George killed Lennie with the use of euthanasia. George and Lennie had each other and had always looked out for the best in each other. They both have traveled throughout the country and even when the going gets tough, they stay together. George even retains a dream of buying a farm for him and Lennie and living in their paradise. The ending to Of Mice and Men showed the great lengths that George would go to keep Lennie’s best interest in mind, while he shocked all readers that he was able to kill his best friend, George possibly did this for his own best interest. Through his controversial ending in euthanizing Lennie, Steinbeck illustrates that the bond of friendship sees no limit and that people will protect themselves at any cost of others.…show more content…
Candy’s dog was apparently stinking up the barnhouse so Carlson said he should be killed also because of its multiple problems. Candy resisted at first but eventually gave up his dog to be killed at Steinbeck states, “Candy said softly and hopelessly ‘Awright-take im(47).” Candy realized that he wouldn’t win in this situation and gave up his dog to be euthanized. As for Carlson, he was doing this for his own best interest as he had talked about the dog stinking multiple times. Also he wouldn’t simply let Candy’s dog go outside, he had to have him killed at that instant. Steinbeck is showing that people ultimately will protect their best interest at any cost to
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