The Role Of Evil In Peter Pan's Man

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Peter pan's world consists of particles that forms a fantasy-like picture. The characters that are surrounding him play an important role in shaping most of the adventures. The closest to him is the band of the lost boys. They consider Peter their teacher and their leader. He tells them what to do, how to act in dangerous situations, where to go, and what to say in his presence. For instance, the boys are forbidden to dress like him. He is supposed to be different from them in everything. They are also forbidden to talk about mothers because Peter thinks it is a silly subject. They talked of Cinderella, and Tootles was confident that his mother must have been very like her. It was only in Peter's absence that they could speak of mothers, the subject being forbidden by him as silly. (Barrie 71) Despite his arrogance, Peter plays the role of the teacher perfectly. He teaches them how to deal with dangerous situations. When the lost boys meet the wolves, they reminded themselves of peter's…show more content…
He is a pirate who lives in Never Land. Peter severs his arm in a battle and feeds it to a crocodile. Hook spends the play trying to enact revenge on Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. When one of his pirates band learns that Peter has Wendy, he captures her, hoping to make her the mother for the ship. Hook also succeeds in capturing the Darling brothers and the Lost Boys, but when Peter and Hook fight their final battle, Hook loses and is eaten by a crocodile. Seeing peter slowly advancing upon him [Hook] through the air with dagger poised, he sprang upon the bulwarks o cast himself into the sea. He did not know that the crocodile was waiting for him; for we purposely stopped the clock that this knowledge might be spared him: a little mark of respect from us at the end.
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