The Role Of Faber In Fahrenheit 451

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Faber was Montag 's only ally in the book. His purpose was to help Montag bring back the books and to assist Montag in understanding everything about reading, including how to sneak books around. If the protagonist, had no one aligned with him the book wouldn 't have been as interesting because Montag probably would continue to question the government, but not talk to anyone about how he feels unhappy with the law and this society, or do anything to make that change. Since Faber was included in the novel he supports Montag and lets him feel like he 's not alone. “‘--Where did you--?’ ‘I stole it’ Faber for the first time, raised his eyes and looked directly into Montag 's face ‘You 're brave.’” (Bradbury, 76) Faber tells Montag about his
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